January 2017

Dear Turbo Campers & Parents,


We are very excited for this year’s Turbo Camps!  We are looking forward to a safe and fun time on camp.  Though we do not anticipate the weather to be a problem, we do have a Fire Emergency Plan in place in case the need arises.


Our plan is a part of our duty of care to your child while they are here at camp.  We do not wish to interfere with your family’s personal fire plan.  If you choose to pick your child up at any time as a part of your fire plan, please feel free to do so.  We will have a sign-out and sign-in sheet in the office, for you to sign as you come and go.  If you pick your child up, you are more then welcome to bring them back at any point you feel the threat is over.


As part of our Fire Emergency Plan:


We will be watching the CFA website for updates as to the weather and potential threats.  On days the Fire Index is rated CODE RED, we will organize for buses to take all of our Turbo campers and staff to a suburban location closer into Melbourne and away from danger.  We will depart Adanac at 9am in the morning and return later that night when the threat is over.


If a day like this occurs, and we travel closer into Melbourne, we encourage you to call our information line on 0407 540 709 get periodic updates as to our whereabouts and safety.  If you would prefer to pick your child up and keep them in your care, please organize to come to Adanac before 9am on days rated CODE RED.  As part of our duty of care, we will need to be on the road no later then 9am.


On days that are not rated as CODE RED, please feel free to call our office on 03 5967 1594 if you wish to speak to us.  We will be happy to answer your questions and update you as to our happenings.  Have a wonderful camp!


Kind Regards,

Malcolm Reeve

Manager - ADANAC CYC