Christian Youth Camps Limited (CYC) seeks, through camping, conferencing, facilities and programs to create opportunities for all involved to personally experience Christian life and values.


Parent Info

Adanac is designed to cater for a variety of objectives from action and adventure, to relaxation and reflection. Our pristine scenery, experienced staff, and comfortable facilities are so inviting your kids won’t want to leave!


Adanac CYC offers disabled access to all and is fully accredited by – Australian Camping Association (ACA) and the National Accommodation Recreation & Tourism Accreditation (NARTA).

How to get there

Adanac’s 13 acres of undulating parkland, manicured gardens, recreational lake, & magnificent views over the Yarra Ranged are situated only an hour east of Melbourne’s CBD in the beautiful Yarra Valley.



Bullying is never accepted on a camp, in any form. Campers who show signs of bullying will be separated from the group and spend time with one of the Chiefs to discuss what is going on and why they are showing these signs.

Campers who show signs of being bullied will get to talk to their Chiefs and Chief Support until they feel loved, cared for and supported.


Personal Belongings

Any items that we perceive as inappropriate for camp will be returned to the parent/guardian at the conclusion of camp. We strongly advise that all belongings are labeled, and advise against bringing valuable clothes/items to camp. Although all care will be taken, we cannot be responsible for lost items.


Lost & Found

All Lost & Found items are brought into the sign-out hall upon the conclusion of camp so you will be able to have a look through to retrieve any lost items. Campers are always encouraged to keep their belongings neat in their cabins however we encourage you to put your child’s name on their personal belongings before sending them to camp!


Contacting your Child at Camp

Kids love hearing from home, so each camp has a unique email address that you can contact your child through, just make sure to place your child’s full name at the top of your email!


Early & Late pick-up

As we regularly have new groups coming in a few hours after the conclusion of each camp, we ask that you arrive on time for signing your child in and out.


Early and late pick up times need to be communicated before camp to maintain the smooth running of camp and respect for the campsite staff.


Please click here for details in with regard to a CODE RED Emergency Weather forecast.



First Aid & Medications

We request that any prescribed medication be provided in dosage boxes with an attached list of name, item, time and dosage clearly marked, and handed to the first aid officer at registration. Depending on the requirements of the medication, if it is possible for medication times to coincide with meal times, this helps greatly as well.


If your child has had any infectious illness, please make sure that they are well (symptom-free for 48 hours) before sending to camp.


Meals, Menu, & Special Diets

One of the first things people tend to hear about Adanac - a part from all of the awesome activities - is the exceptional food!

We provide campers with three main meals a day, as well as morning & afternoon tea, dessert, and supper.

Our menu changes daily, and includes a nutritious and balanced diet.


Special dietary requirements are catered for the length of camp - just make sure to include your child’s dietary information in their application!









Turbo Camps are summer and winter kids outreach camp programs run by CYC Ministries and held at ADANAC CYC located in Yarra Junction, Victoria.  Turbo Camps are specifically promoted to the local community in the Yarra Valley area but are open for all to attend.  Turbo Camp started in the January of 2009 and due to demand the program has grown to four sessions during the summer school holidays and also one session during the winter school holidays.


ADANAC CYC hosts Turbo camps but is also available for Group Accommodation bookings including schools, churches, community and sporting groups through out he year.  Activities include:  Flying Fox, Canoeing, Archery, Low Ropes, Disc Golf, GAGA, Mountain Boards, Nature Trail, Bikes, Aqua-Tramp, Trampolines, Basketball Court, Beach Volleyball, Cage Soccer, Soccer Field, Camp Cooking, Raft Making and a Games Room.



Camp Christian Youth Camps Limited (CYC) seeks, through camping, conferencing, facilities and programs to create opportunities for all involved to personally experience Christian life and values.